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Do you struggle to have your ideas heard by decision-makers? Are you a leader who needs to inspire and motivate your team? Are you part of an organization that needs to deliver its story with impact? Many of us are still (and will still in the future be) communicating and/or performing for colleagues, friends, and audiences using Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx and Microsoft Teams. Distractions, technical issues, and the pervasive difficulty of “reading the room” can make it feel impossible to connect with others. In this one-time, 60 minute workshop, storytelling coach, host, and teacher Corey Rosen will help you learn techniques and best practices to capture your listeners’ attention and deliver your message with clarity and confidence. additional options available for: - small-group breakout sessions for more focussed feedback - 1:1 virtual coaching. Benefits: - Engage your audience - Exude confidence - Gain influence - Increase impact and return on investment -Craft relevant and efficient messaging - Move people to action

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