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Story Coaching

"Corey led a fantastic storytelling workshop for our leadership team offsite.  We worked together in advance to discuss the offsite goals - which he smoothly integrated into his storytelling program.  Our group really connected, and engaged in Corey's interactive activities...  even the grouchiest and most reluctant succumbed to the fun.  It was a highlight of our offsite.  The team still talks about his session!  Highly recommended for product, marketing and sales teams that could use help honing their communication skills!"

- Anton Honikman, CEO, MyVest


Are you looking for personal, one-on-one support to help you improve your storytelling craft? Whether you are new to the stage/working on personal stories, need to deliver at a meeting, are writing a memoir and need a new approach, or want to kill with your stories around the dinner table — Corey will help you tell your best story. I can help you learn the common structures and arcs that support the greatest stories; know which details are the shiniest details; nail your pacing and comic timing; crack things wide open with your beginnings; crush with your endings; and say what it is you are really trying to say.  I can also help if you already have a great story, but worry about the part where you have to get on stage in front of hundreds of people. Whether you want help learning story construction or becoming a better performer, consider this an investment in yourself.


Does your business, school or organization work with stories? The answer is yes. Yes it does. Whether you know it or not, story is the heartbeat behind everything you do. Your ability to hone your core story and communicate it effectively will greatly affect your bottom line. Moth host and Storytelling teacher Corey Rosen brings expertise and clarity to the table, earned from deep study of the art form and years of helping individuals and companies craft smart effective stories that reach their intended audience. I deliver entertaining and transformative workshops and retreats designed to meet the specific needs and goals of your company or organization.

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