Your Story Well Told

Creative Strategies to Develop and Perform Stories that Wow an Audience

“Corey Rosen's book is a great resource. I know I will return to it again and again for ideas, inspiration, and entertainment.” ―Samantha Harris, cohost of Dancing with the Stars and Entertainment Tonight and author of Your Healthiest Healthy

A story is only great if you know how to tell it, and this book tells you how to tell it!

Laugh out loud as you learn the secrets to making your ordinary stories extraordinary!  This must-read handbook covers every situation from perfecting a prepared piece to "winging it" and going completely off-script.  In Your Story, Well Told, The Moth veteran and master teacher Corey Rosen inspires you to tell your story.​

Using his secret storytelling techniques drawn from decades in improvisational theatre, Rosen has created a totally accessible guide for all ages and skill levels.  Jam-packed with simple techniques, examples, and exercises, this manual gives creatives (and un-creatives) the confidence bump they need to make that sale, land that client, give that toast, and impress that date.  Who knows?  Maybe even all at the same time!

The best storytelling uses improvisation to enthrall, entertain, and keep audiences on edge. Laugh along with tales of performance triumphs (and disasters) and explore ways to tell your story with confidence and spontaneity. From brainstorming and development to performance and memorization techniques, you’ll learn how to tell a good story with:

  • Foolproof structures and editing approaches that bring out your best tales

  • Easy improv exercises to stimulate creativity without feeling foolish

  • Fun lessons to find the best part of your stories

  • Resources for putting on your own showcase to tell your story

If you’re ready to sell the story straight or enjoyed books like Stories That Stick, Long Story Short, or Storyworthy, then you’ll love Your Story, Well Told!

© 2021 by Corey Rosen.

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