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Year of production: 2017

Running Time: 0:15 

Color / Sound 

Directed by Adam Patch, I played the Bank Teller receiving an unexpected deposit from a young customer.

GLAD Press-n-Seal


Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 2:07 min

Color / Sound 

Directed by Rob Richert, I played Keith, the former Swimsuit Model who lost his mom's Hot Tub Cover.  Produced by Sprinkle.

Between Two (CG) Ferns


Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 7:46

Color / Sound 

Directed by Aaron Rhodes this parody (of a parody) was created for the Visual Effects Society's anual holiday gathering.



Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 2:16 min

Color / Sound 

Directed by Jonathan Zames, this April Fools spot cast me as David Brook, who is really excited about bringing Morse Code technology to mobile phones.

Mustang Moments


Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 3:11 min

Color / Sound 

Directed by Alex Gibney, I played myself in this piece created to help people achieve their career dreams.  Produced by Team Detroit.

Run Like Hell


Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 3:07

Color / Sound 

Directed by Stu Maschwitz this teaser for a longer feature film project has me as a voice of a young man going to finally confess a long kept secret, before the entire world comes undone.  



Year of production: 2011

Running Time: :30 min

Color / Sound 

Directed by Terri Timely, this campaign features me as the "Sports Fan" and my son, Henry, as the young boy.  Those were real gigantic TVs on our heads (made by White Room Artifacts)

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