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New Beginnings!

Hello 2021!

Super happy to meet you. I'm Corey. Looking for a fresh new start with you, 2021.

Some growing. Some learning. Some laughter!

For starters, I've got 2 new SERIES CLASSES STARTING UP

Stand Up Comedy (4 weeks, 2 hours per class) - starting THIS TUESDAY January 5!

Storytelling (5 weeks, 3 hours per class) - starting Thursday January 14

All classes are for ANY LEVEL (beginners through experienced) and are SMALL - 8 or fewer students - so lot's of time for direct feedback.

For more info and to sign up please visit my website:


I'm also performing this month so make sure to catch a show or two - all are online and most are free (though BATS Shows do appreciate a donation if you feel so inclined!)


Friday January 8 - 7:00pm

Graduates of my most recent Stand Up workshops performing - many for the first time ever!


  • Keith Ballinger

  • Amy Bond

  • Tony Cyprien

  • Mel G

  • Darcy Lee

  • Kate Lewis

  • Eric Mann

  • Emily Nathon

  • David Nelson-Gal

  • Jordan Shapiro

  • 3858

  • Lauren Thomas

  • Jessica Watkins

Friday January 15 - 7:45pm

Join us as our improvisors are thrown from place to place and find out what magic happens there. Each scene is based on a location the improvisers have never seen before - they see it for the first time right along with the audience. From there, anything is possible! This. Place. Now.

Directed by Tim Orr

Music by Joshua Raoul Brody


  • Corey Rosen

  • Jerry Ruoti

  • Lisa Rowland

  • Derek Yee

  • Tim Orr

Saturday January 30 - 7:45pm

The improv show where the audience directs the story. You’ll meet the characters, who will get the story started - then you’ll given a poll of choices. The choices will be drawn from the story and will change the story dramatically. They say the audience knows what it wants…we’ll see.

Directed by William Hall

Sound Effects and Transitions by Craig Good


  • Lisa Wang

  • Rebecca Stockley

  • Jessia Hoffman

  • Kasey Klemm

  • Corey Rosen

  • William Hall

Looking forward to seeing you all - online and IN PERSON this year!



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