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Here is a collection of live Storytelling performances from The Moth (and others)

Cousin Norman

This is my Moth StorySlam-winning story about my cousin Norman Wiener.  This story was recorded in San Francisco and first aired on the Moth Radio Hour (NPR) on June 10, 2014.

Two Buttons

This is a story about my life-perspective changing car accident.  This story was recorded in San Francisco at The Battery and first aired on the B/Sider Podcast on June 24, 2018

Bespin Security Guard

This was one of my first "virtual" storytelling performances - telling a favorite memory as a young parent gifting my love of Star Wars to my own child.

45 minutes til _TheMoth.jpg Tonight's th

This is a a different version of my car accident.  This story was recorded at the Mission Theater in Portland at Backfence PDX and first aired on the Backfence PDX podcast.

Jewish Christmas

A story of a bunch of Jews laying "blame" while opening presents Christmas Morning

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Corey was a really great instructor! I took the intro to storytelling class with him and in that class we told stories, played improv games, and got to perform our stories on a stage in front of an audience. He gave us all the tools we needed to tell a compelling story and help us think deeply and differently about the narratives that we were telling. I will definitely take this class again.

- Amy B.

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